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Nick a Youth in drug rehab


If you think you have heard it all about teen drug addiction recovery how about a good riddance letter from our teen addressed to his drug addiction.

As a part of our latest drug rehab educational writing course our teachers got a little creative. In this assignment teens were to imagine their addiction as a person and write a goodbye letter ending their relationship. This exercise is a great opportunity for teens to be honest about the effects drugs and alcohol have on their life. By imagining the need to use as a friend or a figure who is constantly bringing you down it made it easier for teens to separate their mental need for drugs.

This opportunity also gave way for them to improve on their writing skills. Teens also benefit from self expression during lessons like these. We had our teens read among each other their letters of goodbye. As they went around sharing their letters our teens were able to see how addiction affects each person differently but always in a negative fashion.

Here is a letter from one of our loved teen and how he said goodbye to drugs:

Dear drugs,

How are you? I have been doing amazing since I last saw you. I have also met a lot of new people since we last had our time. I also might have a new girl friend since you pushed away the last one. You made me lose my last girlfriend you also made my dad not trust me anymore. You also pushed away my family and friends. I can’t let you do this to me anymore,I have suffered long enough. I can’t get drunk by you anymore or get high. I won’t miss getting in trouble with you. I also won’t miss the destructive things we did. I won’t miss the feeling you gave me after either. I shouldn’t do drugs anymore cause they messed my life up when I was doing good. Bye drugs.


Nicholas O.

Listen to Nick read his Goodbye letter to drugs:

Youth in drug rehab shares his compelling goodbye letter to drugs
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