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How can a teen achieve self happiness?self-love teen addiction recovery

One of the most important parts to help teen addiction recovery remain successful and long lasting is the power of mental health. While in treatment many teens do not get the proper help they need to be mentally healthy.

Inspirations for Youth and Families provides treatment for not only addiction but also mental disorders. This dual diagnosis system is crucial as many teens develop an addiction(s) as a way to cope with mental anguish. Whether it’s from a mental disorder or trauma – for a teen to be successful in addiction recovery they must develop the power of self-love.

Happiness is a choice

All humans crave happiness and it is essentially their ultimate goal in life. For most seeking happiness it is a far-fetched concept that can only be obtained by a few. This is further from the truth. Happiness is a choice one makes just like any other.

While under the influence of addiction many teens choose to experience anger or sadness. To elevate such heavy or dark emotions they turn to drugs. The theory that using drugs allows teens to create happiness is an illusion. Inspirations individual therapy addresses the root of a teens’ problem and teaches them how to create happiness from within.

Very often we have teens that get so wrapped up in emotions that it only takes one minor moment to ruin their entire day. Instead we challenge them to change all their negative emotions into a positive one through radical acceptance. This concept allows teens to accept the things they cannot change. However, that does not mean they should be hung up and distraught instead they are to accept it for the learning experience it is and seek out the positive benefits.

Take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and mistakes

Letting go of the anger that comes with blaming others is another key part in teen addiction recovery. We teach our teens how to be responsible for their actions, thoughts and mistakes. By accepting responsibilities our teens learn to look at every situation from a different perspective and how it can affect others.

Happiness and self-love are achievable. It’s a choice that Inspirations make sure our teens understand for a continued sobriety long after treatment.

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