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outpatient treatment
For parents seeking addiction treatment for their teens outpatient services may not be your immediate answer. Treating addiction is a serious matter that needs their undivided attention and determination. If you are looking to end your teen’s addiction the best step would be to find an in-patient or residential treatment center.

What is outpatient care?

Outpatient care in the substance abuse field allows its patients to continue receiving treatment while living at home. This level of care is usually recommended to those who have already completed an in-patient program and is ready to assimilate into their daily life.

A typical outpatient clients visit a treatment center once a week for therapy or other activities beneficial to their recovery.

Why choose residential care?

Most people assume outpatients to be the right choice because of the flexibility it provides. This service is designed for clients who have already addressed the mental and psychological attributes of their addiction. These clients are ready to apply what they’ve learned into their lifestyle and outpatient allows them to maintain a steady support system as they re-adjust into their life.

Here are four major reasons why outpatient care may not be for you:

1. Less intense

Unlike residential treatment outpatient care is a less intense form of addiction care. In residential care patients address their addiction and bad habits on a daily basis versus once a week.

2. Higher chances of relapse

Outpatient care also gives way to the potential of relapse. Since clients are not under 24 hour care they often relapse before completing their program and learning the skills necessary for coping.

3. Less structure

Addicts who opt for solely outpatient treatment often have less structure within their everyday lives which is crucial to the success of addiction treatment. This lack of structure also contributes to the chances of relapse.

4. Negative environment

Those receiving only outpatient services without properly understanding how to cope with addiction are still at risk for relapsing because they are still surrounded by the negative influences causing them to use. Without the proper to tools to abstain from triggers recovery through only outpatient treatment will be very difficult and requires even more discipline.

5. Clients are isolated

Clients in outpatient tend to be isolated because they only attend the necessary therapy once a week. Addicts in residential care are surrounded by others working towards a common goal. This goal of sobriety builds a network crucial for recovery addicts. Those in outpatient care often feel as though they are going through recovery alone making the process even more difficult.

Why outpatient services may not be a good first choice for addiction?
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