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If you are thinking about admitting your teen to a residential drug rehab center such as Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) here is what you can expect.

IYF Rehab

So you have already called our help hotline and spoke to an agent about getting your teen the help they deserve. You have been approved and have been given the green light on your teen’s acceptance from here is what will happen next.


Chances are your teen sees no problem with their drug abuse and are totally against seeking treatment. From here you have the option to have our interventionist, Dr. Hughes, fly out to your home and stage an intervention with your teen about getting help. You can also opt to arrive with your teen and have the intervention here at our facility.

If your teen is willing to seek treatment we can provide you and your teen or if you choose to have your teen travel alone with airline tickets to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our treatment center is located approximately 5 minutes away from the Ft. Lauderdale airport where one of our qualified technicians will be waiting to pick up.


Once you or your teen has arrived our tech will escort you to our business office located within 5 minutes of our treatment center. Here is where you say your last goodbyes to your teen. From this point your teen will be escorted to our nursing office located at the treatment center. Your teen will then undergo a drug screening and an inventory of their items will also be logged into our system.

While your teen is undergoing this process you will be meeting our Admissions Coordinator who will be answering your questions and helping you fill out any other paperwork or information that is necessary. After meeting with our nursing staff your teen is then escorted to meet with the admissions coordinator who will then explain the program and answer any of your teen’s questions. They will also be given a packet explaining the rules as well as the program.

Please Note: If you have opted for an intervention here you and your teen will undergo the intervention first then begin the admission stage.

Peer Meeting

Your teen is then given the opportunity to meet with our peer leader who is a fellow teen at IYF rehab center who has shown exceptional growth and seeks to help others. This one on one peer meeting is usually to get the teens accustomed to each other and to also give them a chance to ask questions maybe they were to afraid to ask staff.

Welcome Group/Meeting the therapist

Depending on the time of your teen’s arrival our group sessions could have just started or are already in session. At whichever point they are offered a welcome group, which they are introduced to the other teens and they take turns introducing themselves and why they are here. If a group is already in session this is where your teen will meet their therapist (unless they are leading the group) during this mini session they get acquainted and your teen is informed on what to expect during sessions throughout their stay.

Inspirations is a premiere drug rehab that offers a variety of therapeutic treatments and aim to help teens suffering from an array of addictions.

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What to expect while admitting your teen to IYF rehab
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