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family and addiction

Addiction is a nefarious disease that once it has taken root it becomes extremely hard to remove. Whether it is the heroin epidemic or alcohol abuse as a nation we have a problem. The end result is families are left confused on what to do when addiction rears its ugly head in the household.

There are many ways addiction can impact a family. Stressors such as financial woes or failed interpersonal relationships can lead to substance abuse. Family members who fall prey to addiction tend to throw family and friends into chaos. They lose their sense of reasoning and only care in the world is getting high.

Here are three things you should do when addiction seeps into your family:

1. Seek treatment

If your family comes face to face with the monster that is addiction the first order of business is to seek out treatment. Finding an available treatment facility to receive help should be a top priority. Together as a family, you should research a place that would best support the needs of the person with the substance abuse disorder as well as the family.  Choose a rehab facility with a diverse treatment plans and levels of care. Check out the blog  Choosing the Right Rehab.

2.Undergo family therapy

Make sure the treatment center you consider has a robust family therapy program.  During treatment, it is important for everyone in the family to get together and work on the underlying issues together. Family therapy allows both the person seeking treatment and their family to work together to understand the nature of addiction. This should not be seen as a session to hash out all the family problems but instead an opportunity to effectively communicate support.

3. Stop enabling

Another thing most families who suffer from addiction do not realize is that they have unknowingly become enablers. Being an enabler is often confused with not causing conflict. The reasoning is because they are family but instead it hinders the substance abuser from ever getting help. Find out if you are enabling drug or alcohol abuse in your family by reading How to stop enabling addicts.

Once you find your loved one is struggling with drug abuse follow these steps. They will ensure they get the help they need or deserve.

What to do when substance abuse surfaces in your family
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