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After spending time sober, some teens find themselves relapsing because of failure to cope with issues properly. Relapses after rehab may leave your child feeling disappointed, scared and nervous about their future. It is important to reassure your child that their relapse is only a minor setback to their long-term recovery.

Here are a 4 ways parents can help their teen get back sober after a relapse.

1.  Allow your teen to express their feelings freely

After a relapse, your teen may feel sad and angry. Make sure you show your teen emotional support and love after the disappointment a relapse can cause. Remind them that they are only human and humans make mistakes. Feeling bad for yourself only encourages more relapses. Allow your teen to admit and accept fault in his or her relapse.

2. Don’t blame yourself

As parents, it may be easy to blame yourself for your child’s relapse. Addiction affects a whole family and can cause a stressful environment at home. It is important to take time to self-reflect in stress-relieving activities like meditation and yoga. Parents will be able to better help their addicted teen by first eliminating their own stress.

3. Take note of your teen’s surroundings

Common reasons teens relapse include: stress, emotional triggers, reconnecting with friends who use drugs, etc. If your teen’s relapse was caused by being in negative environments, make sure her or she avoids going to those places again. If your teen is addicted to alcohol, keeping liquor bottles locked out of sight could prevent another relapse from happening. Learning what encourages drug use will prevent your teen from relapsing in the future.

4. Get them back in treatment

No teen deserves to fight addiction alone. After your child’s relapse, it is best to get them back in a safe sober environment, such as AA and NA meetings. If your teen’s relapses become more frequent, getting them back into treatment is necessary for full recovery.

Inspirations For Youth and Families offers comprehensive treatment for teens ages 13 to 17, who are struggling with substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. Call us at (877) 779-8010 to learn more about how we can help your teen overcome drug addiction.

What to do if Your Teen Relapses
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