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addictive personality disorder apd

What is Addictive Personality Disorder?

Having addictive personality disorder (APD) does not mean you are classified as someone addicted to drugs and alcohol. Teens exhibiting addictive behavior to things that are not drugs or alcohol are classified as having an addictive personality disorder. For example, a teen can be addicted to shopping; this obsession leaves you unable to stop and will constantly seek ways to do so.

Most common teen APD addictions:

  • Sex Addiction
  • Exercise (over exercising) addiction
  • Shopping Addiction
  • Food Addiction
  • Internet Addiction

What do teen drug addicts and teens with APD have in common?

The most common factor of both teen drug addicts and teens with APD are their addictive behaviors. The uncontrollable behavior to continue doing something despite the potential harm it could bring. Just like drug addicts teens suffering from APD are unable to see the problems or repercussions of their actions due to the gratification it brings them.

How can your teen overcome this?

The best bet for overcoming this disorder will be through therapeutic or counseling sessions. Having your teen talk with someone they can trust and gain clarity, advice, or an unbiased opinion is a necessary part of leaving an addictive behavior behind.

Often times boredom is a cause for relapse in APD cases.

It is also helpful to surround them with friends and family dedicated to helping them become better. Cut all the negative or stressful people in their life. Those who do not have their best interest in mind should have little to no contact with your teen. Be sure to do your research often times boredom is a cause for relapse in APD cases.

Fill your teens’ time with productive and healthy activities. Make sure these activities are mindful and ones they enjoy doing. Some great activities include learning to play an instrument, paint or recreational activities. Most people suffering from APD often begin substituting one addiction for another. Someone suffering from food addiction may turn to alcohol when they are experiencing a bad day. Ensure they are engaging in healthy coping habits to prevent them from adding drugs into their addictive mix.

What is the addictive personality disorder?
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