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In high school, many teenagers start experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. While some may not develop an addiction, others can begin abusing drugs at an alarming rate and put both themselves and others in danger. If your child has been battling drug abuse and has become too dangerous to handle, an intervention may be needed.

A teen intervention is a safe process of transporting teens from their home to a treatment center to help them overcome their substance abuse issues or treat mental health disorders.

Due to a teen’s difficult behavior, many parents are hesitant to admit their child to a treatment center. If your child has resisted getting help for their substance abuse and/or mental health issues before, an intervention may be the only way they can realize how necessary treatment is.

Watch Inspirations CEO and Interventionist answer frequently asked questions about teen intervention

With a long history of dealing with childhood trauma and teen interventions, Inspirations For Youth and Families interventionist, Dr. James “Jim” Hughes has helped families in all 50 states. Through his work as an interventionist, Dr. Hughes and his team have helped thousands of teens recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Dr. Hughes expressed that there are many common signs a teen may need an intervention. Signs a teen may need an intervention include the following:

  • Frequent cutting of school 
  • Missing empty liquor bottles and prescription pill containers
  • Excessive coughing and red eyes
  • Sudden changes in friends
  • Increased aggressive behavior and sarcasm

His form of intervention includes respectful and polite communication with teens. By verbally de-escalating the teen, your child is more likely to peacefully cooperate with the intervention and treatment processes.

“We don’t bully teens to come to treatment, we sit down and have a discussion with them,” Dr. Hughes said.

Dr. Hughes interventions often take place at a teen’s home or even at school. As a result, teen’s may feel threatened or uncomfortable having strangers in their home. By speaking with parents, Hughes is able to determine the proper way to talk about treatment with teens. 

Most of all,  interventions are most successful when all parents, guardians, and family members are involved in the process. Teens struggling with both mental health and substance abuse disorders can both benefit from interventions and going to treatment.

Inspirations For Youth and Families offers comprehensive treatment for teens, 13 to 17,  struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Call us at (877) 779-8010 to learn more about how we can help your teen overcome drug addiction. No teen deserves to fight drug addiction alone.

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Teen Interventions
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