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Alpha-methyltryptamine (AMT) is a powerful stimulant hallucinogen that has recently been making an appearance at clubs and raves. AMT is part of a class of chemicals called tryptamines, which produce hallucinogenic effects, similar to that of LSD. AMT is taken orally or it can be smoked. The effects of 20 mg of AMT usually last between 12 and 24 hours.

History of AMT

AMT has been around for many years, yet officials have recently noticed an increase in its use. During the 1960s, AMT was sold as an antidepressant in the Soviet Union for a short period of time. It remained relatively uncommon until the 1990s when popularity of the drug increased. AMT was made illegal in April 2003.

Effects of AMT

Side effects of AMT include emotional distress, anxiety, dilated pupils, jaw clenching, nausea, headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. In 2003, a 22 year-old Florida International University student died after consuming AMT. According to this report, Dan Arango woke up and was sweating profusely and trembling. He told his roommate that he had discovered the secrets of the universe. Arango fell back asleep and never woke up. Police say that Arango got the drug over the internet and believed it to be the club drug Ecstasy.

Another young person also passed away after taking AMT. 21 year-old Felicia Staats died after taking the AMT pills. Jason Clewis, who also took the pills, was found wandering around in a daze. He nearly died from taking AMT.


It’s obvious that AMT is a powerful and dangerous drug. Parents and teenagers need to be aware that this drug is out there and it’s being sold as Ecstasy. There are always consequences associated with taking drugs, including hallucinogens. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, get help for them before it’s too late.

Uncommon Drugs: AMT
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