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troubled teen doing coke
Justin R. was a client and troubled teen at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab. He worked really hard for one hundred days and has beaten his several deadly addictions. Justin’s addiction to drugs started at the young age of ten and has been something he struggled with until his recent stay at IYF.

”I did coke then I went to xanax, then oxys, then meth and crack. Then I did heroine, dilantin, and opana along with crack, bars, alcohol and all that. It progressed into more and more abusing substances and by the time I was twelve I was speedballing all the substances at once.”

After years of this destructive behavior and addictive cycle Justin has had his fair share of near death experiences. Eventually he realized he could not stop using without proper medical and psychological help.

“I overdosed eight times and I’ve been shot at several times doing home invasions to get my drugs.”

He asked his parents to admit him into a drug rehab program and they chose IYF. Since being admitted emaciated, Justin has gained forty pounds and feels great about kicking his addiction and returning home.

“I feel pretty good. I’m not addicted to drugs anymore. I’m still an addict on many different levels but I don’t need drugs anymore to survive nor do I want drugs in any way, shape, or form. ”

Besides helping teens overcome their addictions and to understand why they are using; the IYF teen drug rehab program aims to repair communication between parents and their child that often stems from the teen’s drug abuse. In Justin’s case his relationship with his biological parents has improved, but he now has the tools to forge better and stronger relationships in his life.

With the clarity that comes with living a sober life, Justin plans to continue to stay on track with his recovery while at home despite the multiple drug connections he has formed throughout the years. He also plans to attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings for support and avoid drugs of any sort such as crack and cocaine at all cost. After leaving Inspirations, Justin will be living with his mother and her fiance, but plans to return to Inspirations once he is eighteen to work as a technician to help teens overcome their drug addiction.

Listen to Justin’s story here.

Troubled teen started using coke at ten years old
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