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Synthetic Marijuana (K2, Spice) Addiction Rehab

Synthetic Marijuana

The average person knows about marijuana, however, there is an off-shoot of marijuana referred to as Synthetic Marijuana. It is a legal drug also called Spice or K2 that mimics the effects of marijuana and has gained popularity for such copycat abilities.K2/Spice has become a highly problematic substance among teens. Worst of all it is legally sold so it is readily available and accessible. K2/Spice, like marijuana, can be a gateway drug, starting with using spice (K2), to smoking illegal substances.

What is Spice or K2?

Spice or K2 has a strand that mimics THC the active ingredient of marijuana, but it is a more dangerous drug than marijuana. K2 is the brand name and can be bought online or in smoke shops. This legalized pot was really created by a medical scientist and it was supposed to help a medical condition, however it was deemed to dangerous. The mimic THC, is a hundred times more potent than weed. The higher potency is cause for concern.Synthetic marijuana is derived from natural herbs which are sprayed with synthetic chemicals that mimic the effects of marijuana, but could also be extra dangerous.

Synthetic marijuana is a clever marketing strategy targeting young people whose minds are susceptible to almost anything. If your teen is showing signs of synthetic marijuana use, you may not notice, because it doesn’t show up on a drug test. The symptoms and long term effects of synthetic marijuana have not been studied, but smoking it could still have negative effects on the lungs and even more serious effects on the body of a teen. Any suspicion of drug use by a teen deserves immediate attention.

What are the Health Effects of Spice/K2?

The drug affects the heart, brain, and respiratory breathing. The spice drug can cause effects such as paranoia, hallucinations, and a person could become minor psychotic. Like many other illegal street drugs, synthetic marijuana is not tested for safety, so users don’t really know what’s being put in their body. We rarely know what side effects synthetic marijuana causes, but we do know that it’s nothing natural.

What are the Warning Signs of Spice/K2 Teen Abuse?

  • Restlessness
  • Paranoia
  • Erratic behavior
  • Can’t seem to stay home
  • Rapid breathing

Where can it be found?

This popular drug among teens, sold in gas stations and online, is legally marketed as “herbal incense”, therefore it is easily accessible.

Whether your teen is smoking synthetic marijuana or snorting cocaine, no addiction is to be taken lightly. Inspirations for Youth and Families helps teens get clean. We understand what you are going through and we care about the future of your teen. Inspirations provides gender specific treatment for teens with all kinds of drug abuse and addiction problems. Our comfortable 32 bedroom, residential facility matches our casual identity, so your teen will feel right at home. On the road to recovery, your teen will be given individual attention and the opportunity to heal and learn in a therapeutic setting. With the proper treatment, we believe that your teen can overcome any addiction.

Synthetic Marijuana (K2, Spice) Addiction Rehab
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