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Teen Drug Abuse Treatment

Teen drug abuse effects too many families. Are you ready to get rid of the painful effects of drug abuse in your family so you can once again experience your family as a whole?

Teen Drug Abuse & Addiction Treatment Overview

Your teen’s alcohol addiction might start with a beer taken from the refrigerator when no one is home. It might start with liquor at an unsupervised party. It could start with peer pressure from friends. It doesn’t matter how the alcohol addiction began – what matters is getting help for your teen. Many teens who suffer from alcohol addiction also suffer from low self-esteem. Our alcohol addiction treatment will not only make your teen healthy, but it will also help your teen improve his or her self-esteem. Alcohol rehab at Inspirations is not like a traditional rehab because our program is only for teens. Alcohol abuse at a young age will usually turn into a serious alcohol addiction.

Why Teens Turn to Drugs:

  • Curiosity
  • To feel good
  • To fit in with their friends
  • To relieve stress

Drug Abuse Statistics

  • According to a study at Columbia University, underage drinkers account for 11% of all alcohol consumed in the U.S.
  • Many young boys and girls will take their first sip of alcohol before they even enter high school.
  • Teens who start drinking before the age of 15 are five times more likely to develop alcohol dependency later in life.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, the three leading causes of alcohol related deaths for 15 to 24-year-old’s are:

  • Crashes
  • Homicides
  • Suicides

Treatment for Drug Abuse

Inspirations for Youth and Families can be the alcohol treatment program that saves your child’s life. At Inspirations, we will diagnose, treat, and work to fix the root of your teenager’s drinking problem. During your teen’s stay, they will attend co-ed or gender-based treatment programs and therapy sessions. Our therapy sessions include:

  • Family therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Trauma therapy

Your teen will work though six different levels of alcohol treatment, with each level offering more privileges than the last. We will help your child to reach the goal of becoming sober, and we will equip them with the skills they need to stay that way. We are confident that our alcohol addiction treatment program will be a step in the right direction for your family.

Inspirations addiction treatment program (teen substance use and abuse rehabilitation) allows your loved one to work through emotional conflicts within the safe boundaries of our facility. As teens move through levels, they are assisted in developing living skills, interpersonal skills and relapse prevention skills. In addition to the regular program, adolescents attend special workshops designed to meet their needs and attend on-site tutorial services to help them reach their educational goals. The setting at Inspirations is designed for our Adolescent Program by allowing room for exploration, meditation and activities geared toward the high energy level of teens. Inspirations program provides treatment for adolescent patients whose addictive disease, emotional and behavioral problems prevent adequate functioning in a less restrictive setting. It is the philosophy of the staff at Inspirations that these behaviors are symptoms of deeper problems that may include difficulties in the emotional life of the adolescent and in his/her family and peer group. This philosophy promotes the provision of a secure, structured environment to address chemical dependence, inclusive of these difficulties while encouraging independence and self esteem for the adolescent. It further promotes that every effort be made to involve the family in an intensive family program, as all members of the family are adversely affected by chemical dependency.


Speak to a Drug Inntake Coordination Specialist now.

Speak to a Drug Inntake Coordination Specialist now.

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Teen Drug Rehab Program, Services, Treatment Team and Planning Process

Inspirations’ multidisciplinary treatment team is led by licensed therapists and is composed of master level mental health counselors and social workers, addiction therapist, nursing staff, recreational therapist, and educational staff. All treatment is overseen by a board certified adolescent psychiatrist. Inspirations treatment team meets twice a week and is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the course of treatment for each patient. The team develops a comprehensive treatment plan that is individualized and meets all the needs of the patient. The plan also includes discharge criteria as well as aftercare plans. Parents, guardians and referral agencies are critical components of the treatment and aftercare process and their participation is highly encouraged. The patient is also an integral part of the planning process and may at times be included in the team meeting.

Teen Drug Abuse Treatment Programs Include:

  • Residential addiction treatment
  • 12-step program
  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Dual-Diagnosis
  • Gender specific drug abuse treatment
  • Short-term and Long-Term rehabilitation
  • Intervention
  • Recreation, Art, Music, and Trauma therapy

If your teen is abusing drugs please reach out to us. We at Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab understand the unique challenges of being a parent. If you have any questions, please know that we are here to provide you with support and guidance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions free of charge about our teen drug rehab.


Some of the Drugs Our Teen Drug Abuse Program Has Treated For:

Speak to an Drug Abuse Coordination Specialist now.

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