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Teen Behavior Treatment

  • Treats the underlying reasons for misbehavior and substance abuse

  • Promotes sustainable and long-lasting healing

  • Get safe and effective professional therapies

Treatments – Teen Behavior

If your teen is struggling with teen behavior issues such as:

  • Accountability for behaviors
  • Responsibility
  • Coping skills
  • Decision making
  • Focus on rewards for positive choices vs. consequences for negative life choices
  • Finding solutions
  • Family respect,

then Inspirations for Youth and Families is here to help. We have a thorough teen rehab program that can help your loved one to overcome these issues and ultimately help your family to be closer again. An important step that you will need to take along with your teen is making a Behavioral Agreement. This ensures that your family is on the same page about expectations when your teen comes back home.

There are some steps, however, that your loved one will need to complete without the presence of your family. While your child is in our facility, they will complete behavioral treatment programs. These programs include therapeutic and educational programs. Your teen will have peers present to share in these experiences, but your loved one will always be receiving individualized attention. 

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Teen Learning Disabilities

Teens who have learning disabilities such as, ADHD/ADD, depression or other complicating issues can receive the attention that is required to their specific needs. . One of the greatest problems facing these teens is that they easily get “lost in the crowd.” Bright, capable kids might be written off as “difficult” or “defiant” and end up lost in the public school system or in traditional private schools. Inspirations offer specialized therapeutic behavioral and educational programs for teens in small class sizes, teachers and specialists who understand teens’ particular struggles, and uniquely impacting environments for teens who easily fall through the cracks in the home environment.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It is highly common to find a teen with an alcohol or drug abuse problem to also have mental health problems. This requires dual diagnosis treatment.

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Teen Behavior Treatment Programs:

Inspirations Teen Cutting/Self Injury

Inspirations Teen Cutting/Self Injury treatment program is lead by a team of behavioral specialists that uses therapy, education and support to empower adolescents to identify healthier ways to cope with emotional distress.

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Inspirations Teen Eating Disorder Treatment

The Inspirations Eating Disorder Teen Treatment Center focus on helping teens suffering from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other complex disorders. Inspirations’ dedicated multidisciplinary staff and nurturing setting make us uniquely qualified to effectively treat the complexities associated with an eating disorder. Learn More

Inspirations Teen Gambling Treatment

At Inspirations we have a safe, positive environment for teens to share with professionals their gambling addiction. Inspirations will then steer them down the path of recovery through psychotherapy. Learn More

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar disorder impacts a person’s mood level causing teens to experience extreme highs and lows for a period of time categorized as “mood episodes.”

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