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Teen Roxicodone Addiction Rehab

Teen Roxicodone Substance Abuse Overview

Most teenagers turn to prescription drugs because they perceive them as less dangerous than illegal drugs. Because of this, teenage prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Prescription pill addictions are becoming a growing problem in the United States. One such prescription drug  teens are becoming addicted to is Roxicodone, which is a form of oxycodone.

How Addiction Starts

This unfortunate population of opioid users usually start off with no intentions of getting hooked, but because of the immediate release of oxycodone, users get all of the active ingredients at once, making it easy to get addicted. Roxicodone abuse usually begins with a prescription by a doctor for severe pain caused by injury or illness. Abuse can quickly turn into an addiction if the body begins to tolerate the drug; therefore the user begins to take more in order to feel relief. In other instances, Roxicodone abuse can occur because the user becomes emotionally addicted to the drugs euphoric effects before they actually become physically addicted.

How Teens Abuse Roxicodone?

Teens abuse opioids by taken them orally, or by crushing the pills into powder and then snorting it or injecting it. A number of overdose deaths have resulted from injecting the drug, particularly with the drug OxyContin, which was designed to be a slow-release formulation. Snorting or injecting opioids results in the rapid release of the drug into the bloodstream, exposing the teen to high doses and causing many of the reported overdose reactions.

Warning Signs of Teen Roxicodone Addiction

Sometimes it is hard to notice if a teen has an addiction because you might confuse their distant behavior and mood swings with the normal attitude of a teen, but since Roxicodone abuse requires a lot of money, often-time users of the drug will skip meals or use their money for food on the drug instead, often resulting in weight loss. Roxicodone abuse can be noticed among teens if they are stealing money from friends and family or selling valuable items. The bottom-line is Roxicodone is an expensive habit and users will do anything to get their fix.

Physical Symptoms

  • Constipation
  • Different sleeping patterns
  • Nausea
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle Pain
  • Vomiting

Short Term & Long Term Effects

Roxicodone abuse can become an addiction because the short term effects are exhilarating, but the long term effects are even worse; tolerance and dependence are what make Roxicodone such a risky drug. Roxicodone abuse among teens is even more dangerous because their bodies are still changing and they are more susceptible to damage. Don’t wait to get help. When Roxicodone abuse has gone too far, professional help is required. Tapering, which prevents withdrawals, reduces the amount of the drug given over time until the body doesn’t need it anymore. Tapering can be attempted by the user alone, but will be more effective if monitored in a clinical setting.


Inspirations for Youth and Families is a 32 bedroom, residential facility for teens specializing in all types of substance abuse and addiction. Roxicodone abuse requires therapeutic treatment and at times, even psychological help; that’s what we’re here for. We understand what you are going through and we care about the future of your teen. Our gender based treatment program includes family therapy, music and art therapy, psychotherapy and recreational therapy. Along with the proper care from licensed, in-house therapists and a superior staff, we are confident that our teen rehab can be a step in the right direction for you and your teen.

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