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Addiction Treatments

Teen Addiction Treatment Programs

Inspirations designed a treatment programs that provide addiction prevention, as well as treatment and aftercare services. For those teens that have moved beyond drug abuse, Inspirations Teen Drug Rehab provides recovery that meets teenagers at their place in life. In designing our teen addiction treatment programs, emphasis has been put on helping the teen and family establish recovery and learn the life skills necessary for the teen to reach personal goals, academic goals, gain the insight and ability to hold one’s self accountable for decisions and actions, as well as become capable of making appropriate choices, living a life without drugs or alcohol impairment.


What We Treat


Drug Addiction

Inspirations Youth Rehab programs effectively treat youth and teen addictions to illicit drugs.

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Alcohol Abuse

At Inspirations, we will diagnose, treat and work to fix the root of your teenager’s drinking problem.

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Prescriptions & Pills

Inspirations offers a prescription and pill drug addiction treatment program for adolescents/teens.

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OTC Medicine Abuse

Inspirations offers an individual treatment plan & educational component for OTC drug abuse.

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Inhalants & Huffing

Inspirations Teen Rehab offers a treatment program for adolescents abusing Inhalants (a.k.a. Huffing).

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Behavioral Problems

Inspirations Teen Rehab provides treatment for teens struggling with behavior issues.

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Mental Health

Inspirations Teen Rehab is a quality treatment program for major mental health disorders.

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Eating Disorders

We offer programs which focus on helping teens suffering from a variety of eating disorders.

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