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addiction relapse
Early sobriety is a very important time that helps to set the stage for how well and how long addicts can retain a life without addiction. These mistakes are often made by those new to recovery leading to their relapse.

Many in recovery have made these mistakes and have also managed to maintain sobriety but why run the risk of this happening to you. Take these mistakes seriously as they could be the reason for your potential relapse.

Getting into a relationship

While a relationship is fun and may cause some addicts to stay focused on sobriety more often it eventually becomes another reason to use. Having a relationship while newly sober does not mean you are guaranteed to fail but for most newcomers relationships tend to become a distraction.

Newly sober addicts also fail to realize how much they are not in control of their emotions. Experiencing such a wide range of emotions often times causes those in recovery to act out. It would be best to get emotionally stable then seek out relationships.

Isolating themselves

For those new to recovery isolating themselves is one of the biggest mistakes they can make. As humans we are wired to seek companionship and although you may enjoy being by yourself it is not the answer. Being around other addicts who share their advice and recovery stories is a great way to meet others. Don’t lock yourself away into your own thoughts, open up and find others that can understand you.

Not having a sponsor

Can you imagine not having a sponsor! It’s crazy but more and more people in recovery are tackling this struggle alone. A sponsor is a person who has experience in recovery who seeks to help you through mentorship and advice.

This is a prime example of an addict in recovery taking on more than they can handle. Sponsorships were created to help both parties handle their addiction in productive forms such as helping out and giving back. It may be tempting do things your own way but remember you can only benefit from gaining a sponsor who understands and hopes to help you.

Top 3 mistakes that lead to addiction relapse
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