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          Different drugs are sometimes associated with different periods in history.  For example rampant opium use is often associated with China during the late 1800s. The campaign against alcoholism is regarded as a major event of the temperance movement leading to prohibition during the 1920s. Heroin and cocaine were popular drugs during the 1970s and 1980s and these drugs still remain popular today.
          MDMA, first synthesized during the early 20th century, is now being rebranded and called “molly”. Molly use has been made popular through recent songs by popular artists including Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Two Chainz, and others. Unfortunately, most people believe that molly is the “purest form of MDMA” and therefore, not as harmful. This is simply not true. Research has shown that people may believe they’re taking “pure MDMA”, when it fact they are taking a combination of dangerous amphetamines. 
          Attending a music festival or concert is now almost synonymous with the consumption of molly and other drugs.  Recently, we interviewed a young woman who answered questions about her experience with molly at the Ultra Music Festival in 2012.
How old were you when you attended your first rave and who invited you?

My first rave was Ultra music festival in 2012. I was invited by my then boyfriend’s brother and a group of his friends.

Can you please describe your expectations and if you saw or experimented with any substances including alcohol?

There were a lot of lightly clothed people with lots of neon colored attire. I experimented with Molly for the first time. I took two pills from 4:30 to 11 pm when I was there. It felt like a dream. I was fully conscious the whole time I was “rolling”. I felt like everyone was checking me out which kind of intrigued me.To help the come down, I asked a guy for a cigarette. As he was lighting it he told me it was rolled with weed, which apparently helps with the comedown of molly.

Has your past experience at dance festivals helped you or has it hindered your daily life?

Now every time I think of EDM (electronic dance music), I automatically think of molly and rolling. Every time I go out and see someone with the look that fits a rave (wild, neon clothing) I assume they are rolling on molly.

          Not everyone has the same experience while taking molly, because chemicals in the drug are wildly inconsistent. There have been a few recent overdose deaths and hospitalizations of people who took molly while at music festivals. One music festival even cancelled the last day due to these overdose deaths. Please take time to learn more about molly and the dangers of this drug. If you or a loved one is having issues with molly addiction, please call our treatment center, Inspirations for Youth and Families, at (888) 757-6237.


There’s Something About Molly
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