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canine detection
At Inspirations for Youth and Families we take our teen clients trying to smuggle drugs or other items in seriously. Addiction is a serious disease that takes hold of your better judgment leading you to commit some of your most questionable decisions.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of addicts going to extremes to smuggle drugs to varying places, teens addicts included. To further deter clients from sneaking anything into our facility we began looking into the benefits of canine detection for our rehab. We sought out the help of the expert detection service provided by Special Narcotic Investigative Force also known as S.N.I.F.

Special Narcotic Investigative Force

SNIF is based in Boca Raton and is a private narcotic investigative force owned and operated by Andy Novak. Andy is a former police officer who has experience in this field dating back to 1985 when he opened up SNIF. His team of 3 specially trained canines is certified in detecting an array of narcotics including the newest designer drugs such as spice or K2.

Check out this video on how awesome special detection dogs are:

Benefits to canine detection in rehabs

  • They safely identify drugs that have been hidden away
  • These dogs are trained to locate the newest designer drugs even prescriptions!
  • The canines have been trained to also safely locate items without causing a mess
  • Provides peace of mind that you teens are drug free

Questions you may have

Will this dog harm my teens?

The dogs have been trained to detect a wide range of narcotics and even weapons. These animals will be used to only search the premises and not any actual teen or person. The animals will have no physical contact with any teens.

How often will the dogs conduct searches?

Searches will be conducted at random and can vary depending on the size of teens at our facility. The more teens we have the more likely we are to have searches. These searches can vary between 2-3 times per month.

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