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teenage addiction
As we may all know addiction occurs due to an array of differing factors and the sole cause of an addiction is near impossible to pin point. From genetics, biology, behavioral patterns to trauma and our surrounding environment the fact remains that many long term addicts begin this life style early on is a definitive factor.

The stages of addiction in teens may be hard to miss at first but this list was created to help parents see the signs of trouble early to get their teens the help they deserve.

This stage begins when a teen is “experimenting” with drugs. A teen may get overly curious with what drugs are and the effects they can cause.

Early Stage
After experimenting with drugs the teen begins to use drugs for their own pleasure. At this stage a teen can control their substance abuse and receives little to no consequences (e.g. Hangovers, no withdrawals and etc) for this. The teen at this point has become a fairly moderate abuser or become socially abuse to drugs and alcohol.

Middle Stage
At this point drugs have become an escape, form of relieving stress and a way for teens to deal with life and others. Drug abuse in this state becomes extremely frequent and disruptive to normal behavior. A teen may feel unable to function without the use of drugs or experiences symptoms of withdrawals when not on drugs.

Late Stage
During this stage a teens using habit has become to obliterate their consciousness, they seek to feel numb to all emotions. At this stage your teen will be unable to function normally and is often where the signs of drug abuse are most apparent. Most teens in this stage will be so far into drug abuse they will not even try to hide the fact that they are abusing drugs because it had become such a way of life and normal behavior to them. Often times it is also due to the fact that they are incapable of hiding such obvious signs such as tweeking, stealing, overdosing or other side effects.

Inspirations and teenage addiction

Here at Inspirations for Youth and Families we accept teens at ALL stages of addiction from the pre-stage to the late stage. Our goal is educate teens on the effects of drug abuse on their body and life. We seek to promote healthier and sober lifestyles. Through our dual diagnosis treatment we address not only drug abuse but other mental or behavior factor leading up to or stemming from this substance dependence.

Inspirations brings teens back to the basic of necessities in order to teach them gratitude, responsibility and ensures that under any lifestyle whether glamorous or not that they have the tools necessary to live sober and drug free. With that in mind we ensure our teens experience fun activities that promote and educate teens on how to have fun without drugs and alcohol.

The stages of teenage addiction
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