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The risk for prescription opioid addiction rose 37% among young adults

prescription opioid addiction

Teen Prescription Opioid Abuse

Teen prescription opioid abuse is a growing trend among our teens of today. More and more we see teens turning to opioid drugs to solve their problems. Whether it be emotional distress, peer pressure or even boredom. Teens are getting their hands on dangerous prescriptions and abusing them. Moreover, this study published in the Addictive Behaviors journal informs us just how this abuse has risen for young adults. Early prescription opioid addiction can often lead teens to more serious substance abuse such as heroin. The chemicals in both opioids and heroin are very similar as the target the same receptors.

Inspirations team of well-qualified addiction treatment professionals have experience helping the most severe of prescription opioid abuse. In addition, to our expertly trained staff we are also known for our wide variety of therapeutic options. Coupled with the dual-diagnosis program teens get the treatment they need and deserve.

Source: Partnership for Drug-Free Teens

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