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This photo shows there is power in recreational therapy in drug addiction treatment.

  Teens learn the importance of drug-free fun while at Inspirations.

Are activities like going to the beach, horse back riding or attending music concerts really useful during drug addiction treatment? Are there actual benefits of recreational therapy in drug addiction treatment?

“Recreational therapy is extremely important because it teaches our youth that they can be sober and feel good in different places,” Monalisa Weber, a recreational therapy expert, said. “Sometimes children who suffer from substance abuse see themselves in such dark places, and they feel that they always have to hide the pain with substance abuse.”

Watch how recreational therapy has helped Inspirations Teens

Weber said recreational therapy offers teens an alternative.

“When you can take them to the beach, and the natural air and ocean can give them a feeling of high and they’re actually sober, it’s extremely beneficial for our youth,” Weber said. “I’m all for recreational therapy.”

At Inspirations,  we teach our teens how to have drug-free fun. Some of our most memorable activities include horse retreats, beach outings, aquarium visits, professional sports games, music concerts and playing with paintballs.

Teens say Inspirations recreational therapy makes them the best

Jared, an Inspirations alum, revealed that the other teen drug rehabs he went to before IYF, were like prisons and he never left the facility.

“I love how at Inspirations, they take us to the beach. We get to go play paintball, you know there’s a lot more freedom,” he said. “We get to work out. This program’s a lot better than the other programs I’ve seen out there for sure. There are not many programs you know where they take you to the beach.”

“Inspirations is definitely the most fun rehab I’ve been to because they really put a lot of emphasis on learning to have fun in recovery.”

Grace Kendall, IYF alum

Grace, another Inspirations alum, agreed with Jared.

“I have been to five different long-term rehab centers and over 500 days of treatment. Inspirations is definitely the most fun rehab I’ve been to because they really put a lot of emphasis on learning to have fun in recovery,” she said. “Recreational therapy is important because a lot of kids would think, I’m going to be so boring without drugs. Life’s not going to be fun without drugs. I think that Inspirations really tries to show us a good time.”

Inspirations For Youth and Families offers comprehensive treatment for teens ages 13 to 17, who are struggling with substance abuse disorders and mental health issues. Call us at (855) 240-6589 or contact our experienced addiction counselors to learn more about how we can help your teen overcome drug addiction. No teen deserves to fight drug addiction alone.

The Power of Recreational Therapy in Drug Addiction Treatment
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