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Someone forgot to tell these teenagers that lip balm goes on your lips, not your eyelids! Beezin’ is the newest viral “drug” trend that teens are trying. Teens rub the popular lip balm, Burt’s Bees, on their eyelids because they say it intensifies the experience of being drunk or high. Others use the lip balm on their eyelids to help them stay awake and alert.

This new trend may seem relatively harmless. However, doctors are saying that it can cause an allergic reaction with symptoms similar to pink eye. According to this article, Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor, a medical toxicologist, said, “If you use the lip balm on the cold sore and your friend borrows the lip balm, puts it on their eyelid, the herpes virus could be transmitted from the lip balm to a person’s eye … And that person could go blind.”

Why are teenagers doing this? Burt’s Bees lip balm has peppermint oil in it, which causes the tingly sensation. Beezin’ isn’t illegal, but a serious eye infection can lead to death in the most extreme cases. A representative from Burt’s Bees responded to the reports of teenagers using their products on their eyelids.

There are lots of natural things that probably shouldn’t go in eyes — dirt, twigs, leaves, food — and our lip balm. Burt’s Bees tests all of its products, including the Beeswax Lip Balm, to ensure they are safe for their intended use,” the rep told New York Daily News. “We recommend that people use our products as directed and we will make every effort to ensure that the intended use of our lip balm is clearly communicated.”

Parents should discuss this new trend with their teenagers and explain to them the reasons why it can be dangerous.

The Newest Viral Trend: “Beezin”
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