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Every few months it seems that a new drug becomes popular in the mainstream media. Usually, this is a result of hospitalizations and even deaths of those who chose to use the drug. Right now, a new hallucinogen is being sold across the USA. It’s called the N-bomb. It’s a synthetic drug that is similar to LSD or mescaline. The extent of the damage caused by this newer drug is unknown; however it’s already proved to be deadly.


There are new types of hallucinogens, similar to the N-bomb drugs, which have been banned by the U.S. government. These new drugs are more than just a “new trend” and for many families it’s something that has had a great impact on their lives. This article describes in detail how one teenager died after taking a synthetic drug which was believed to be the N-Bomb. Three teenage brothers and a family friend set out to obtain marijuana and what they thought was LSD. Immediately after taking the drug the foursome all had bad reactions and everyone was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, one of the teenagers died after he could not be resuscitated.

The federal government and some state governments have addressed some of the loopholes companies exploit in order to sell synthetic drugs in the U.S. However, due to wily drug manufacturers there are still multiple companies producing new synthetic drugs which are not banned. China is shipping thousands of pounds of chemicals to use in the production of synthetic drugs, according to this article. The article mentions that when one drug is made illegal another chemical compound is created and the drug is produced and shipped out, which is legal at the time of its creation. A DEA special agent was quoted in the article describing the situation akin to the game ‘whack-a-mole’.  He went on to say the companies continue producing new drugs because of the demand for it, at least until that specific chemical compound is banned in the USA. The article also focused on how some companies in China began producing the synthetic drugs and after seeing the demand other groups from other countries followed suit. Even the Chinese producers ramped up their production.

These new synthetic drugs are particularly dangerous because of their potency and their unknown effects. As soon as one chemical is banned, many more pop up in its place. This tactic might evade prohibition for a moment, but it opens up the possibility for many dangerous side effects from the hastily made concoctions. There is no telling what may occur after taking such drugs and often times the worst case scenario becomes reality. The possibility of severe adverse reactions and even death from taking these drugs far outweighs the quick high these drugs give the user.

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