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Chris, Crhistian, and Karen

When Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) Teen Drug Treatment Center was deciding on a new concept for their television advertising campaign; it was not a hard decision for IYF owner Christopher Walsh to come up with a fresh theme. He unhesitantly proceeded to pick up the phone and call a former teen from Inspirations named Christian, who was not only a model client and peer leader while at IYF; he was an amazing talent – think “boy-band” star.

Watch the making of an Inspirations television commercial

“We have had literally thousands of teens enter our premier teen treatment center since its inception in 2007,” said Christopher H. Walsh, co-owner and co-founder of IYF. “And the kids that come here are super intelligent and talented in so many ways. But there was something about this kid that stood out from the rest of the pack.”

Perhaps, what Walsh was referring to was Christian’s abundance of talent. He is a phenomenal guitarist, vocalist, drummer, actor and artist and was able to hone those skills through IYF’s highly acclaimed music, drama and art therapy programs.

Consider what he experienced in 90 days at IYF

  • He was flown to Detroit to be a featured guest on the Ask Dr. Nandi national health show
  • He recorded songs at a professional sound studio
  • He wrote a number of songs, performed them at a talent show, and had them promoted through IYF’s YouTube channel
  • He was the star actor in a number of video productions through IYF’s drama therapy program
  • He was flown to Miami to film a national television commercial about teen drug abuse

Well, when the time came for Christian to shoot the commercial at Promedia, a professional television production company, it was not as easy as he thought it would be for a 30-second spot. But in the end, according to the Promedia television producer – who has seen his fair share of talent enter his studio – “Christian knocked it out of the park.”

Currently, the television commercial is in production, but stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see it as soon as it is released. And you never know if this is one that takes him to celebrity acclaim.





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