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The Inspire Talent Show

On August 14th 2015, Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) staff and clients came together for our first Inspire Talent Show! This show was intended for our clients undergoing teen music therapy to display their talents and the skills they have learned. We wanted to provide a wide variety of performances that included music and comedy.

Our teens collaborated on some acts together and also created original solo pieces. We hope you all enjoy the performances and appreciate the hard work of our teens. The intent of the talent show is to display the positive effects teen music therapy has on their overall recovery.

Here is a performance from Christian and Gary:

Also we have an original song by Helena:

We even had a musical free styling session:

Teen music therapy

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) uses music as a form of therapy to help teens suffering with drug and alcohol addiction express themselves in a productive and healthy manner. The skills acquired through music therapy are coping tools our clients can use when they need to express themselves. The use of music therapy in addiction has also proven to improve self confidence and group therapy interactions. At Inspirations we encourage music therapy as it helps to facilitate our group sessions. Teens have reported to feel more relaxed, engaged and more expressive during our music therapy sessions.

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