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addiction recovery alumni program
Too often teens that successfully complete treatment are left to fend for themselves after returning home. While successfully completing a teen addiction treatment program is no small achievement, there is still plenty of work to do in a person’s journey to recovery. Many teens who return home fall between the cracks without proper support and aftercare.

While an alumni program is not an end all be all – it can make a difference between a successful recovery or a relapse.

Alumni Involvement is Crucial to the Recovery Process

An alumni program serves to provide support to teens who have completed treatment and are returning home. After being in treatment for several months some teens find the transition to everyday life difficult. As a result, many teens go back into their old habits and fall prey to a relapse. Even though your teen has completed treatment the real test comes from being out in the real world and all the temptations that are waiting for him or her at home.

Your teen’s new sober lifestyle must become a priority for everyone involved in their life including themselves. But the aftercare phase can be the most challenging part of the recovery process. And you can not expect to handle this huge responsibility alone. This is where a strong alumni program comes into play that can assist your teen in their next stage of recovery.

addiction recovery alumni program

A strong alumni program will offer an opportunity for a teen in recovery to speak with a therapist from time to time. It will also allow members to connect with other alumni on a dedicated and closed social media group like Facebook. The program should provide a monthly newsletter which contains valuable information about addiction recovery. And an alumni program should be structured to grow organically by breaking off into local chapters.

Benefits of an alumni program

  • Encourages sobriety
  • Provides unconditional support
  • Builds a community
  • Imparts tips and information

Overall, an alumni program allows your teen to receive the help and care they need from the staff they already know and love. Additionally, alumni programs create positive communities for those who have successfully completed treatment. The hallmark of a strong alumni program should resemble a healthy community where they can freely discuss their recovery with their peers.

To see what a strong alumni program looks like check out Inspiration for Youth and Families for starters.

The importance of joining an addiction recovery alumni program
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