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teen drug abuse
As a parent finding out your teen may be addicted or abusing drugs and alcohol your initial instinct may be to try and find them the best level of help possible. Once your teen has undergone addiction treatment and has returned home you may be wondering what is the best way to make sure they’ve end their drug abuse.

You may have come to an agreement with your therapist on an effective and healthy way to keep your teen from relapsing known as a home contract. In addition to this contract it is important to go over these two important steps with your teen.

When you feel the overwhelming urge to use or escape from your problems ask yourself the following:

1. What positive action can I take?

When faced with the overpowering need to self medicate or rely on a substance to make you feel better ask yourself this. What positive action can I take instead? Rather than fall into despair and re-develop these destructive habits what positive action can be taken to alleviate my emotional stress or pain?

2. What good will come from this action?

Once you’ve decided on a positive form of self expression or a positive action you can then evaluate what good will come from completing this action. These two steps will allow you to keep you on the correct path when in recovery.

Keeping in mind a positive action is one of the many key components of a successful recovery. Working at the little things makes all the difference of how your handle the days when you really feel like giving up.

These two steps are a constant reminder to your teens what their goal or the most important thing in their life is. Coping through these steps may not be easy but from the Inspirations point of view it can be done.

The easiest way to help end your teen’s drug abuse
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