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Teens who vape are six times as likely to go on to smoke regular cigarettes.


Teen Vape Culture

Vaping is the inhaling and exhaling of a vapor produced by an electronic device. This device also known as an e-cigarette. Vaping occurs when water is combined with one of their array of flavors at boiling point creating a water vapor.

This rising trend has been drawing attention because it is not yet known what the effects inhaling vapors will have on teens and their bodies. What can be noted however is the increase in teens smoking vapors. While many see this as an harmless form of smoking it gets teens in the habit of smoking which plays out in their young adult stage of life. More and more teens who vape during their adolescence are showing signs of smoking cigarettes when older.

It has also been shown that some teens have begun abusing vapors through other drugs.This culture around vaping amongst teens glamorizes this tool through smoking tricks, competition as well as their unique design or fashion. Many teens admit to vaping because it looks cool and really aren’t sure if it harmful to their bodies.

 Source: The Virginian Pilot

Teens who vape are six times as likely to go on to smoke regular cigarettes
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