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Pre Stage – Teen Addiction

Teen Experiments how drugs/alcohol works for them. Learning Process

Early Stage – Teen Addiction

Teen uses drugs/alcohol to get pleasure/high. It’s all just fun

  1. Few consequences from the beginning use of drugs/alcohol.
  2. Ability to control use of drugs/alcohol in most cases.
  3. Drug of use/alcohol increases: start using more.

Middle Stage – Teen Addiction

Teen starts using to get relief from pain. Change in Dealing with Life and Others

  1. Drugs/alcohol becomes a problem/source of pain.
  2. Loss control over amount used of drugs/alcohol; using more and more.
  3. Extreme discomfort when not using
  4. Depression, emotional numbness, mental preoccupation

Late Stage – Teen Addiction

Teen is now using to obliterate consciousness. Physical and Mental Breakdown

  1. Severe psychological/physical consequences.
  2. Dissociation from self/reality, many blackouts.
  3. Suicide, insanity, accidental death, physical sickness, prison.
Teens Stages of Addiction
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