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When Christmas and New Year’s time approaches, Inspirations teens always have an enjoyable experience while celebrating in rehab. Spending the holidays in rehab may sound dreadful to some, but it could be the difference between life and death for numerous teens battling drug addiction. On Christmas, our teens celebrated the holiday by participating in our holiday talent show, where they showcased their love for music.

Watch Teen Showcase Rapping Talent At Holiday Show

Benefits of Teen Addicts Being In Rehab Over The Holiday

1. Celebrate with other recovering addicts in rehab

Although your teen may feel homesick in rehab, bonding with others battling similar addictions will give them the support he/she needs to fully recover. By building healthy relationships with other recovering addicts, teens are positively influenced to have sober fun and live a drug-free life

2. Reduce Risks of Overdose

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, December and January are the deadliest months drug- and alcohol-induced deaths. The holidays are a time where over-consumption of drugs and alcohol is accepted as a means of celebration. Being in rehab over the holidays, your teen will be taking steps forward to recovery. This will guarantee that your teen doesn’t take part in drug and alcohol abuse.

3. Avoid Triggers and Bad Influences

In a drug-free environment, your teen can avoid triggers that may cause relapse. Going home for the holidays eases the access to old friends who encourage drug use. In rehab, teens can have sober holiday fun without putting their lives at risk from using. 

4. Spend Time Self-Reflecting

Spending the holidays in rehab allows teens to rediscover their  personal hobbies and interests. At this year’s holiday talent show, one Inspirations teen, Weslee K., performed an original rap about his struggles with addiction and the motivation he has to overcome it. The teen now looks to following his dreams in the midst of his challenges.

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