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Collage of PDI investigator and teens in recovery

At Inspirations for Youth and Family we pride ourselves in offering our teens in rehab educational and beneficial opportunities. We invited Michael Barbieri, Crime Investigation Expert at PDI Investigations Inc. to speak to our youth about the International Human Trafficking black market. Within this session Mike also talks about the different fields the agency covers, what exactly he does, how teens are often lured by others and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse in dangerous situations.

PDI Investigations Inc.

PDI Investigations, Inc. conducts both national and international investigations and has the most experienced investigational management teams in the industry. Their services include but are not limited to investigating insurance fraud, covert operations, kidnapping and ransom cases.

Teens are targets for human trafficking

Within this face to face session Michael informs the teens on the impending dangers teens can face in the world especially, in a foreign country and on the web. He informs them that many of the missing and kidnapping cases the corporation takes on have to deal with the International Human Trafficking Business. Mike explains to the teens how this business works and offers tips to ensure they do not fall victim to such an organization.

The web also poses a threat to teens that can be targeted for terror organizations such as ISIS. A profile of those targeted was described to inform them on how these groups know which youth to target online. Teens were also informed on the steps and forms of propaganda used on those targeted for recruitment.

The effects of drug use

Barbieri also addresses how using drugs can greatly affect a teen in various situations. He informs them on how the “high” from using drugs and alcohol can diminish their awareness significantly allowing them to be perceptible to many dangers such as kidnapping. Teens were informed on how to use simple steps such as being aware of their surroundings can be enough to help them in such dire situations.

Watch the whole video here for more tips and information.

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