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teens in rehab and osc
With so many studies and research being done on the cannabis plant it is very hard to distinguish what is credible and what is not. There are a lot of conflicting opinions and misinformation that can influence our teens into using. A part of our program here at Inspirations for Youth and Families is to properly inform our teens on the effects that all drugs have on their bodies.

This is week we wanted to put our teens in rehab to the test by showing them a documentary on the effects cannabis can have on teens both short term and long term. After the movie we took some of our clients aside to ask what they thought of the movie and how true do they think the information is.

Based on our representatives our teens were split down the middle after seeing The Other Side of Cannabis. Some teens where inspired to make a difference in their life style choices, others agreed with some parts of the information but had reservations about believing it whole-heartedly.

What is the Other Side of Cannabis?

The Other side of Cannabis (OSC) is a independent production that covers the effects marijuana can have on our youth. It also talks about how the chemicals works, its effect on our brains, the negative impacts it has and many more. They provide testimonials from a wide range of users from young to old and many different races.

Experts in addiction, marijuana, psychology, neurology and families members weighed in with their expertise and experience. This film also place the importance of recognizing that users can become addicted to marijuana. OSC  also addresses the key issue of what are the risks with excessive marijuana use.

Studies are shown describing the long term effects of marijuana use, the damages of using early and also psychosis it can also create.

Get more info on The Other Side of Cannabis here and let is know what you think!

Teens in rehab react to The Other Side of Cannabis
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