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teens in rehab nutritional course
Our teens in rehab at Inspirations for Youth and Families are back and have created a brand new recipe all by themselves! With all the nutritional facts and information they have learned our teens decided to try and create a meal that was healthy, tasty and quick.

As a part of our educational program Inspirations teaches our teens in rehab the importance of maintaining a nutritional and balanced diet. We teach our teens how to create delicious and hearty meals they can create for themselves or others. So far we’ve created tasty breakfast meals, snacks and lunches they can easily recreate at home.

This time around our teens in rehab wanted to try their hand at creating a recipe of their own. The nutritional course students brainstormed and decided they would create a brand new type of pizza recipe. To try this new snack follow our instructions below!
Teens in Rehab Cooking


1 whole wheat bagel or English muffin
1 slice of cheese (any of your choice)
1 jar of Mid’s Pizza Sauce
Oregano spice


  1. Choose between the bagel and muffin for pizza base
  2. Cover the bagel or muffin with pizza sauce
  3. Then cover with cheese or pepperoni
  4. Place inside oven for approximately 20 minutes on a heat of 350 degrees
  5. Once out you can add oregano
  6. Let cool and feel free to enjoy

Let us know what you thought of our teens delicious new snack idea!

Our teens in rehab have created other awesome meals such as parfaits, rice krispie treats, and soup. Try these recipes!

Teens in rehab create unique pizza recipe!
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