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Our teens at Inspirations for Youth and Families have incorporated into our alternative therapy the act of drama as a form of therapeutic expression. Since its inception we’ve had numerous teens enjoy various roles within the theatrical arts. Teens have explored everything from plays and skits to comedic routines.

As of late many of our teens have developed an interest in film production through our projects such as the Don’t Text Don’t Drive PSA series and one of our most popular videos Demon Boy. Through therapeutic activities such as these our teens get to express a range of emotions they could have trouble expressing normally. Many of our teens also spend time writing and creating these scripts as a form of self reflection and expression.

teens in rehab sto pmotion

Inspirations teen Derek creating pieces for stop motion series.

Teens in Rehab Stop Motion Series

Inspirations strives to present our teen clients with new and productive ways that they can use to communicate successfully with others. Thanks to Donovan our English and Drama teacher many of our teens recently collaborated together to create a series of stop motion shorts.This technique requires our teens to physically manipulate an object so it appears to be moving on its own.

Through these shorts our teens were able to fully grasp and understand a wide range of topics. Our teens were tasked with creating any video of their choice using the literary technique personification to express the theme of consideration for others and why it is important.

From this assignment teens were taught how to write a script and storyboard. All of which are useful forms of expressions that teens can use when they are feeling overwhelmed. The teens then researched different forms of animation techniques. They chose to illustrate their story by using stop motion.

Check out the series here!

You can even see behind the scenes footage and how they created these videos here:

Inspirations Academy Youtube Channel

Our teens in rehab who are interested in film and drama have developed numerous scripts which gave forth our brand new Youtube channel Inspirations Academy. This new channel will house all the drama therapy shorts and skits our teens have made. Please subscribe and share!

Teens in Rehab create Stop Motion Animation Series
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