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The holidays are often a hard time for clients in treatment especially teens in recovery. With festive celebrations such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and the New Year our clients often get restless and are easily agitated. This change in attitude is only harmless and comes from their frustration of not physically being with their families and friends during the holidays.

However, being away from home and continuing with treatment during the holidays is a very vital step for people particularly teens in recovery. Being away from family can be a tough ordeal but it can also shape character and ensure sobriety even in the toughest time.

The benefits of treatment during the holidays

Teens in recovery during the holidays get a chance to work on themselves during a time where families become the busiest. Although the holidays are great for seeing family, and being in each other’s company it can also become a non-picturesque scene due to the stress. Instead of dealing with the anxiety that also comes with the holidays our teens will be learning how to cope during a busy occasion such as Christmas.

Some teens report feeling left out by their families during this season and we offer them proper insight on the matter and teach them how to also cope during a stressful time or lonely time. Teens also learn the fundamentals of how to stay sober during the holidays. In real life teens will encounter places, events or even people who use drugs and drink excessive alcohol. Our clients staying in recovery will learn how to properly deal with their triggers and temptations in a social environment such as Christmas parties, holiday dinners, and New Year’s Eve functions.

A Christmas away from home is still a lonely one which is why we strive to make our teens as merry and comfortable during the seasons. We have set this month’s theme to kindness ensuring that not only teens but staff participate in acting kind towards each other. Along with our theme this month we hope to incorporate charitable acts for our teens allowing them to give back to others.

The holidays overall can be a tough time for anyone in recovery but at Inspirations we take advantage of this holiday to instill even more helpful skills and techniques to help them continue sobriety during both a merry and stressful holidays. For instance, our teens were recently invited guests to watch the locally famed A Christmas Carol Show.

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