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beach drama therapy skit at drug rehab
Our teen boys at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) came together and created a very comedic video about what those new to our rehab often experience. IYF teen rehab is located approximately five minutes away from the Fort Lauderdale Beach and accepts teen clients from all over the world! We’ve had many clients from states and countries that are landlocked and never had the opportunity to experience the beach.

This video highlights the emotional ride our clients from places without beach access often face. Inspirations prides itself on providing our clients with alternative and recreational methods of therapy. From music, art, yoga and other recreational therapies we indulge our teens to find productive and healthy methods of expressing themselves.

With this belief in mind our teens created a script about an emotion they have all faced when entering our teen drug rehab. They all took part in writing the script and lines for their roles. Out teens each played a part in this short as actors and did an amazing job getting their emotions across.

Watch our teens’ short titled The Beach:

The Beach

This short follows a new teen to our rehab that is from Nebraska and on his day trip wants to visit the beach. He proposes this idea to all the other clients and his therapist Donovan but, they have all been to the beach already and want to spend the day doing something else. Having no choice he accepts the group vote to not go to the beach.

Our newest client is then given a tour of the treatment center with fellow clients and they even show him some moves to help reduce his frustration about not going to the beach. He then tries these moves but to no avail and begins to ask his fellow clients what their experience of the beach was like hoping to visualize the experience, sadly the clients had nothing but negative things to say about their experience.

A fellow client then suggests he walks to the beach since it is so close and upon leaving he hitch hikes a ride with a stranger who informs him in exchange for a ride he just needs help robbing a bank. Our teen then ditches the ride and returns to the treatment center.

After all his crazy hijinks to visit the beach his therapist then compromises and he takes him to see the beach. Watch the video to see if it was all he expected it to be!

See the video our girls created here!

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