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Teens pose during sober fun
In the field of teen alcohol and drug abuse treatment very often teens are hauled off to assembly line rehab centers. These rehabs are famous for their disproportionate amount of clients to therapists’ ratio. Another distinguishing fact about these rehabs is their lack of a stimulating environment.

While receiving treatment is helpful so is preparing your teen for the real world. At Inspirations we incorporate sober fun activities and outings to show teens they can have fun without being under the influence of drugs. Our sober fun also allows teens to experience life outside the treatment center preparing them for their assimilation back into their lives at home.

Recently we invited our girls to try a dancing and music-oriented sober fun activities at the treatment center. With these activities we inspired them to try new productive hobbies. Each activity has its own benefits and shows our teens there are many healthy forms of expressions or activities they can use to learn valuable coping skills.

Belly Dancing

This activity was inspired by our educational director Denise Achee. She has an abundance of experience in a variety of dancing which has become her form of self expression and exercise! With that in mind she wanted our teens to try experiencing a new form of dance that comes with a range of benefits. Our teen girls were taught the history and health benefits of belly dancing as well as a few of the basic moves!

Here they are trying our sober fun belly dancing activity:

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Here are some of the many benefits of belly dancing:

  • Tone areas such as your core, abs, arms, and legs
  • Improves breathing, posture and flexibility
  • Increases weight loss
  • Reduces stress

Music Therapy with Victoria

Our teens attend music therapy regularly and with its popularity and success among them we decided in addition to there normal sessions to incorporate a new form of music therapy. The teens underwent lessons with Victoria who has taught a range of students from the ages of three to the elderly. This session went very well as the teens took turns getting to know their teacher and sharing what music interests them and how music helps them get through their most difficult times.

music therapy

Here are some benefits to music therapy:

  • Relieves stress
  • Fosters confidence and empowerment
  • Improves team work skills

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Teens at Inspirations try two new sober fun activities!
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