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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a holiday to celebrate family coming together as one and being grateful for what you have in life. Some aren’t as fortunate to be in the company of their biological family but our IYF family is a close second!

Although our clients spent thanksgiving in treatment they still felt at home enjoying the company of IYF staff. We took the opportunity to ask our teens what they were thankful for and here are their responses.

“I’m thankful for my parents and family. They cared enough to send me here to get help so if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be getting help and I’m glad I am (getting help).” – IYF teen client

The more and more we asked our clients about what they were thankful for we noticed a reoccurring theme. Our teens were all grateful to be receiving treatment. They all expressed that they were sad to be away from home and away from family but they acknowledged the importance of getting help even if it meant not being with their family during the holidays.

Another reoccurring theme we spotted when our teens were expressing their gratitude was the respect they had for IYF and its staff. Here at Inspirations we strive to treat teen drug and alcohol addiction through our dual diagnosis and varying therapeutic activities.

“I’m really glad that I’m at Inspirations, here we get to go to places and the other guys are actually really cool and helpful, I bet some places they don’t get to go outside!” – IYF teen client

As our client stated above we often encourage our teens to engage in sober activities. These are designed to show teens they can experience life and have fun without the influence of drugs or other substances.

Just as we did with Thanksgiving we encouraged our clients to celebrate it together and enjoy each others company. Although they were miles away from home we still enjoyed all the festivities this holiday had to offer with each other.

Teens at Inspirations share what they are thankful for!
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