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Teen Youtuber recovers from Marijuana Addiction at Inspirations teen rehab

marijuana addiction eli

At Inspirations for Youth and Families many talented teens enter our behavior health facility. We have had musicians, poets, fashion designers, actors and athletes come to Inspirations. Our goal is help these teens struggling with drug abuse and mental disorders. With dual diagnosis we are able to really help teens with both issues simultaneously.

Eli is another talented teen to be admitted to the marijuana addiction program at Inspirations. This talented teen is an up and coming Youtuber known as LinkKid. With only a few videos up on the social media site he already has more than 1,000 subscribers! Eli prides himself on knowing what videos will be trendy and how to attract subscribers to his channel.

Listen to LinkKid’s advice on Youtube and digital marketing:

We asked LinkKid to share some of this top tips on growing a Youtube channel base. Here are some tips from the pro himself!

“Outsourcing is a great way to get views. Posing pictures of your video on Instagram is a really good way to drive people to your video.”


If you are looking to gain loyal subscribers he also suggests this:

“Keeping a specific day to post is also good. That way people know you post on those days and will constantly check for your video on that day.”


Marijuana Addiction

While his talents and knowledge really shine through digital media Eli has been struggling with marijuana addiction. Although many like to believe it is not an addictive drug this can be further from the truth. And marijuana addiction also poses a threat to teens’ brain and behavior development.

During his treatment Eli opened up about just how much marijuana was affecting his habits. His thoughts were very close to another teen we admitted named Elliot. Both teens believed that continuous marijuana use lead them to develop negative habits.

Marijuana addiction should not be left untreated. Along with being habit forming marijuana is also known as a gateway drug. When using in early teens may seem harmless to an adolescent, they fail to realize the pathway to mental addiction. Additionally, once the marijuana gains a tolerance they tend to use more dangerous drugs.

If your teen is need of help get them the treatment they deserve. End the destructive habit before it take a toll on their life. Call Inspirations at 855-240-4393.

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