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teen prescription abuse poem to mom
Poetry has been a very vital tool for many of our teens as they learn to cope with sobriety. Along with a range of other coping skills we teach our teens that they are able to correctly deal with their problems in life. From music to art we instill our teens with healthy activities they can use to express and communicate their emotions through.

Sarah a former prescription abuse addict has never written poetry before treatment and is very grateful to have learned this skill.

“I used to hate poetry but I started liking it and I’m good at making them.”
-Sarah P.

Listen to Sarah’s poem about her prescription abuse treatment and recovery here:

Sarah’s poem was written as a part of a series about her mother sending her to treatment. She wanted to convey to her mother how grateful she was about her making the decision to get her help. This poem is one of many that she poured her heart into describing how pivotal treatment was to her success.

Besides poetry Sarah has also developed a knack for writing raps. She admits to finding herself and all the things she’s good at during her stay at Inspirations.

“I didn’t think I needed this. I’ve grown so much and I really appreciate the time that I’ve spent here.” said Sarah.

Inspirations teaches coping skills

Coping skills are methods used to deal with overwhelming or stressful situations and emotions. They require practice to develop will in the long run help teens find healthy and peaceful alternatives to expressing their emotions. As a part of our therapeutic treatment we teach our teens how these very same activities can be used at home when they are feeling stressed. Our most popular coping skills are music, poetry, art and recreational activities. By engaging our teens in these skills every day we give them the practice they need for putting them to use at home.

Check out another one of our talented teen and her viral poem on recovery.

Teen who suffered from prescription abuse shares beautiful poem
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