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Here is a teen vicodin overdose rehab success story we love to hear:

When 15-year-old Lane snuck out of her house and got into her car on Christmas Eve, she had no intention of taking 22 vicodin pills, but after meeting up with her friends someone dared her to take the huge quantity of opiates. Lane, known for never turning down a dare, succumbed to the peer pressure and swallowed the large handful of pills. After all, Lane’s nickname was the “Tank” because she could handle a lot of drugs.

Somehow after taking the 22 vicodin, Lane summoned the strength to drive home. Fortunately, for her, the cops pulled her over.

“There were drugs all over my car, pills strewn out all over the car, weed everywhere and there was a bong in the back seat. I could have been arrested, but luckily this cop knew my mom so he called her to come get me and I went back to my house. I decided to take a nap,” Lane recalled.

“My mom went to check on me and I didn’t have a pulse. She flipped out and brought me to the emergency room and they brought me back to life. I was pretty much in a self induced coma like I wasn’t actually there. It was really bad.”

“When I had woken up they Baker Acted me and sent me to a mental health facility. While I was in the hospital, my mom spent the time looking for a teen rehab to send me to and found Inspirations for Youth.”

While at Inspirations, Lane continued on a sustained path to recovery from her drug addictions.

“While it was obvious that Lane was a defiant teen, she was also a strong minded and willful person,” said Denise Achee, Director of Education at Inspirations for Youth and Families. “Her therapist were able to channel her defiance into a positive behavior. She is definitely going to be successful in whatever she decides to do.”

“Lane’s childhood and adolescent years were undoubtedly rough, but through her strength and aggressive attitude she has overcome her destructive drug addiction and successfully completed her program fifty eight days later,” added Achee.

Within her testimonial Lane explains how she started using drugs. She came from a household where both her parents suffered from serious drug addictions.

“I used to see it [Cocaine] all the time around my house and stuff. My dad chose drugs over me and my mom. She couldn’t take custody of me because she needed his financial support,“ said Lane.

With a past of excessive cocaine usage, marijuana smoking, and prescription pill abuse, Lane had never responded well to addiction treatment. One thing she specifically enjoyed at Inspirations was her therapist and called her “The bomb!”

After the time she has spent here at Inspirations, Lane says that she has learned a lot and is grateful for the relationships she developed with the other teens in recovery. Lane is excited about attending Al-Anon meetings when she returns home.

Now that she has her life back on track, Lane has big dreams for her future. She plans to continue her online schooling for her junior year and then transfer to a private school to finish her high school education.

Upon graduation, Lane would like to open up the first adolescent treatment center in New Orleans. She even has a name picked out: “The Right Lane to Recovery Treatment Center.”

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