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A majority of teens suffering from addiction rarely see the damages that using drugs have had on their health, relationships and future. The decision to receive addiction treatment often stems from the adult or guardian in charge making a conscious choice that their teens need professional help to overcome the hold addiction has had on their life.

Colin entered Inspirations determined to overcome the hold his addiction had on him and his life. He admits the first time he entered a drug rehab was only to please those around him.

“When I came to rehab the first time it was more of me thinking it was a vacation and that I just had to get through it. I didn’t really believe in any of the steps or anything.”

But after being sober for a year and relapsing Colin realized he had more to lose and just how strong his addiction really was.

“I knew that I had the addict gene and like I said this goes back to the self sabotaging. I was kind of intrigued by something that I couldn’t control and I thought I could. So I went into it like I won’t be an addict or anything but it’s a disease and it slowly creeps up and takes you.” 

Colin F.

“This time I took a bigger approach considering I have a lot more on the line. I have my relationship with my mother, I’m moving out soon,  and I’m going to be eighteen so I really have to take a different perspective in life and kind of approach it in a different way.”

Upon his second return to rehab, Colin has done just that. He took his steps seriously and now looks forward to being home, finding a part-time job, graduating high school, and being with his family. When asked about what advice he would pass on to those on the fence about getting help, this is what he had to say:

“It’s not going to be easy. You can’t do it for other people. You have to make the decision yourself. If you’re not there now you will eventually be there. It’s not a good outlook on life just to be able to get drugs and do that kind of stuff. There’s a better life out there and doing drugs is not the only fun thing, even though it seems that way.”

Listen here for more on what Colin had to say about his journey to recovery:

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