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Known for her impeccable fashion and friendly demeanor most people wouldn’t even guess that Alicia once suffered from a frightening heroin addiction. She discovered heroin after experimenting with pills and other drugs such as marijuana. This vicious cycle began at the age of fourteen and continued on for another three years before she decided enough was enough and it was time to get help.

While using heroin Alicia admits it became her coping mechanism for a past trauma and led her to isolate herself from family and friends. Her lifestyle even took a toll on her promising future.

“I went from being an honor roll student to not going to school and not being able to keep my grades up.”

Adjusting to the structure of a teen heroin addiction rehab was one of the most difficult parts of the program for Alicia.

“I was supposed to get admitted and I changed my mind suddenly. I was like I do not want to stay here; I’m too far away from home because I’m from Pennsylvania. So I went off the property but the staff came and got me and I threw a fit obviously, but I ended up coming back and working the program eventually.”

Upon her admission, Alicia began a step program to help overcome this destructive addiction and make better choices in her life. Although it was a difficult process from the beginning with the help of her family, fellow clients and staff at Inspirations, Alicia was able to find the strength necessary to successfully complete her treatment program and looks forward to graduating high school in July.

Hear Alicia’s dramatic story of recovery here.

Teen talks about her heroin addiction almost ruining her life
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