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Since Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab draws teens from all parts of the nation and world for that matter, it is common-place for clients to fly in to the teen treatment center. But for Stanley, his journey to the teen treatment center was a little more arduous. He traveled for four days on a bus by himself to get to IYF.

Stanley’s mom sent him to IYF – after he was stopped by police for carrying drug paraphernalia – because she thought it was the right thing to do.

When Stanley started at IYF he found the repetition of the program to be very reinforcing.

“They addressed so many different problems for me to learn like how to cope with stress and how to understand and accept that I have a problem.”

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The Twelve Steps

While the Twelve Steps program has been criticized as of late, Stanley found them to be helpful. He was a firm believer that if you don’t do the steps you are not going to be successful in your recovery.

At first, Stanley was uncomfortable being the new kid on the block. But after a while he became more comfortable with the other teens.

Inspirations Teen On-line Educational Academy

For many teens that come to IYF, they are already behind the eight ball as far as education is concerned. Many of the teens stopped going to classes for months prior to entering rehab. Stanley’s academic situation was a little easier as he was still attending school and intends to get his high school diploma.

“The Inspirations Teen Academy is awesome,” said Stanley. “They covered so much material in such a short time frame.”

There is a commonly held stereo-type that when teens go to drug and alcohol rehabs, they are pretty much predestined to drop out of school. This was not the impression or case for Stanley when he arrived at IYF.

“When you go to IYF there is no reason to drop out of school after you complete the program and return home,” said Stanley. “Their educational programs allow you to gain credits as soon as you get here and after you earn the credits they are sent directly to your school. When you go back to school you are never behind in your coursework.”

Stanley’s Musical Talent


As an added bonus, Stanley, who is both a guitar player and vocalist, performed one of his very own songs after the interview. Through the years IYF has had some talented musicians walk through the doors and Stanley was no exception as he strummed an acoustical riff with a folk-rock undertone.

Denise ended the interview in her trademark fashion asking Stanley if he had something inspirational to say to someone out there who is struggling with drugs or alcohol abuse.

“Don’t be scared to go to rehab and when you leave Inspirations, just make sure to go to 90 straight days of meetings, get a sponsor and work the steps,” Stanley exclaimed.

Teen takes 4 day bus drive to enter Inspirations Teen Rehab
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