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Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) have helped many teens reclaim their life from drug or alcohol addiction as well as mental behavioral issues. Many teens come to us feeling troubled and alone but leave knowing they will always have a home away from home and family at Inspirations like Austin, who just left our treatment center after a long stint in addiction recovery.

Austin’s addiction recovery story

Austin described himself as aggressive in nature and prone to fits of rage before coming to Inspirations. However, after a lengthy and productive recovery Austin learned the appropriate coping skills to deal with his feelings of anger.

Austin was refreshingly honest with his troubled past growing up a good part of his childhood without parents.

“In middle school I started doing dope. I dropped out of school and started selling drugs. I started doing meth and then my mom went to prison and DCF came into my life.”

Inspirations was not Austin’s first dual diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. At previous drug rehab stints, he was prone to run away. This destructive behavior was not an issue at Inspirations as Austin worked the program and never once ran away from the facility.

“I was running away from group homes. Every time I would run and get high they would send me to rehab.”

With such a tough environment to grow up in Austin eventually dropped out of school and did drugs full time. When he came to Inspirations, our education program allowed him to catch up with his studies. The educational staff worked one-on-one with Austin to help him the areas he struggled.

“I thought it was just remarkable how open he was about his academic weakness and how he wanted to improve on his studies.”

-Denise Achee, Education Director

Austin’s stay at Inspirations for Youth and Families

Austin has the record for the longest stay this year so far at 147 days. He looks at his time at Inspirations positively.

“It didn’t feel long, it felt like I needed it. I think if I left earlier I would have got in trouble again. By staying  for such a long time helped me out and now I’m ready to successfully move forward on my recovery.”

Austin, believe it or not enjoyed his stay at Inspirations.

“It’s nice. They stock your fridge every Thursday so we have food, we got drinks, we have movies, and we got games now. We have a Play station 4, ping pong table and big screen TV. So it was nice.”

While here Austin really opened up and came into his own. He enjoyed attending our sober outings and many other fun activities.

“I like the cooking classes! We also left the facility often to go on day-trips like paintball and water parks.We even went to the Everglades and I saw alligators for the first time in my life. That was nice. We went to so many places.”

We are glad to have been a part of Austin’s recovery and will be wishing him the best while he continues his education. To any parents thinking whether Inspirations is the right place for your teen here are a few words from Austin.

“Don’t take your son out because they say they want to go home. For the kid it’s not bad here at all. It’s the best your ever gonna get at a rehab. Actually, it’s like summer camp! But nicer.”

Listen to Austin’s full story here:

Teen shares why Inspirations was the key to his addiction recovery
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