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Inspirations teen rehab has made a name for itself in the teen addiction treatment field with its diverse program. The Inspirations program believes that no two teens are alike and that every addict is different. With that in mind, each teen undergoes an individual assessment to create a treatment plan tailor-made to their specific needs. Ingrained in this is the use of dual diagnosis treatment to help teens address their addiction as well as other mental or behavioral disorders.

“Recovery is not about perfection but progress instead.”


Inspirations teen and staff at Paint Ball Sober Fun Outing.

Inspirations understand that recovery is not about perfection but progress instead. Our teens learn to experience the joys in life without drugs through our sober fun activities. These activities such as fishing, attending baseball games or even paint balling shows our teens they can enjoy life with the company of friends and family.

“We have a lot more freedom here. We’re not in the same building every day all day. We can go back to the residential part and we get breaks so we can go play basketball and do normal stuff. We even get to go to the beach!”


Another key feature to Inspirations is our staff of highly qualified clinicians, technicians, and therapists. As a whole, our staff becomes like family to all our clients making them feel right at home. Many of the teens from our program create strong bonds and remain a source strength for each other even after completing treatment through our Alumni Program. This positive and uplifting atmosphere is one of the reasons Ronnie loves being at Inspirations teen rehab.

“I’m around a bunch of guys around the same age as me with a lot in common. It’s nice to hear from people, my age, that are going through something similar. I don’t feel different from everyone else.”

-Ronnie W.

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