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Inspirations Drug Treatment Center Holds Career Days for Teens

After taking part in a job exposition with Pathways 2 Work, Justin a teen at Inspirations Drug Treatment Center became motivated to shoot for his goal of a career in Psychology. So he plans to graduate from high school. And then attend a four-year university majoring in psychology. Helping people is Justin’s passion. Although he was briefly distracted by his marijuana addiction. Now Justin says his stay here has helped him figure out what he wants to pursue in life.

“It gave me a lot of insight because I’ll be working with patients, and since I was once a patient I can relate. I know the struggle, I know that it is hard to get through a program like this but, it’ll give me a more personal relationship with my clients.” Justin says.

Justin wants to help others with Substance Abuse Problems

By experiencing our one-of-kind therapeutic approach Justin was not only able to understand his own addiction but was inspired to help others with substance abuse problems. Upon admission, each teen undergoes an individual assessment which becomes the blueprint for their treatment plan. Our team of qualified staff creates a treatment plan according to the needs of the teens. One of Justin’s goals was to have a better relationship with his family. And he worked on this during his family therapy sessions.

“This place has helped me learn a lot about myself and what I need to do when I get out of here especially in regards to my personal life and family relations.”

-Justin, Inspirations’ Teen Client.

Inspirations is glad to have played a part in helping teens like Justin to get back on track. Our program strives to help teens and their families to fully understand addiction and how they withstand its control on their life.

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