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Ben acting in the production “Demon Boy”.

Our Inspirations podcast hosted by Educational Director, Denise Achee and Inspirations’ Creative Expressions Coordinator, Donovan Ortega is back! This week they take a look at a teen who was told he fits into a certain mold or stereotype all his life. However, upon entering Inspirations treatment and alternative therapy Ben was able to discover he had other talents!

Listen to Ben describe his amazement at finding out he had other talents besides those stereotypically placed on him:

Ben’s experience with alternative therapy 

The drama therapy treatment program at Inspirations for Youth and Families has shown to increase self-confidence, provide personal fulfillment. In addition, it is also a great form of coping our teens can use even at home. Since its inception, Inspirations has seen more engagement from our teens during drama sessions.

Ben is 6’4 and has been told for a very long time he should invest his time and energy into honing his basketball skills. Never once has he ventured outside the comfort zone that is playing basketball.

After arriving he gave our drama program a shot. Almost immediately he was drawn to the calling that is production and theater. Along with his first project Demon Boy, Ben has written, directed and acted in two more drama therapy projects!

“I love basketball but I don’t know if I wanna be playing basketball the rest of my life. It’s really cool that I found something else I’m good at that I enjoy.” 

-Ben, on finding out he has other talents.

Don’t believe us? You can see his awesome work in our Demon Boy production video. Through our various forms of alternative therapy and treatment, Ben has made great recovery strides. They can be seen immediately through his attitude and body language. Along, with his new found love of production Ben also developed an interest in poetry.

I write poetry and actually Big Apple told me I’m really good at it and that was really cool hearing that from him. He said “You got talent kid, keep up with it.” So its really cool that I found something else I’m good at that I enjoy. 

-Ben, sharing how Big Apple encouraged him to continue seeking alternative therapy.

To hear more about Ben’s stay at Inspirations teen rehab, check out his full testimonial!

Teen shares how Inspirations brought forth his other talents through alternative therapy
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