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“I learned that I can win from losing.”

\Shawn is one of the many teens who fall to opiate addiction. Like many others, he began experimenting with drugs at a young age after it was prescribed to him. Up until he was admitted to Inspirations teen opiate rehab, Shawn was heavily abusing the drug Tramadol. In addition, to opiates, he was also abusing alcohol. This deadly combination caused his family and friends to notice a wild change in his behavior from a normally well-behaved child.

“I was acting goofy in public. My parents, they talked to me about it like three weeks before at the end of June.”

– Shawn, former teen opiate rehab client.

Even with all the signs of him needing help Shawn was still in denial about his addiction. The power opiates had over him was extremely strong.

“There would be these random dudes that I would just go up to and say like “Hey what’s up!”.

-Shawn, explaining how drugs made him more confident.

Eventually, Shawn was able to realize he really was struggling and even tried to quit opiates himself.

“I knew I had a problem because I was feeling this weird emptiness in me (when he was not on drugs).”

– Shawn

Inspirations Teen Opiate Abuse Treatment

Thankfully Inspirations was able to help him turn his life around for the better. Since his admission, Shawn has learned many things about himself. Through group therapy, he realized he is not alone and the emotions he was experiencing were ones all too common for the youth of today. Besides, group therapy Shawn actively participated in our music therapy.

From his time in music therapy, he learned a new coping skill he hopes to continue to evolve. Shawn was widely known by his fellow clients and even staff as “Father Shawn”. His wildly outrageous lyrics and word choice quickly became a favorite among the clients. While here Shawn was able to work on his addiction and learned many things about himself along the way. Our individualized program catered to Shawn’s needs really helped him come to terms with his addiction and forged a new lifestyle for him.

“While here I learned that I can win from losing.”


Shawn also went on to share that he and his family are so pleased with the program they would recommend it to any teen in need of addiction help. Even his roommate during treatment shared how his parents would be happy to recommend this to other families with teens struggling with addiction. Shawn’s stay was a pleasant one that left him happy and grateful. These were his last words to the staff that became like a second family.

“John you were one of my favorite techs beside O’Shane or Bob. You guys were encouraging and supportive. Also, I loved Adriana she helped my family to be good and in balance. I’m excited to go home because I feel like myself again! “

-Shawn’s final words to Inspirations staff

Listen to Shawn’s full experience here:

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