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“I feel way happier. I am happy again”

teen cocaine addiction

The Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen rehab treatment center has made a name for itself by saving teen’s lives from addiction. Teens from all over the United States enter our drug addiction program with severe drug addiction and leave renewed and happy. We just interviewed a teen who received intensive cocaine addiction treatment. Mclane shares his experience while receiving teen cocaine addiction treatment and how he feels now.

Mclane’s teen cocaine addiction treatment story

What started as a harmless marijuana joint turned into blacking out from drinking by the 6th grade. By his sophomore year in high school Mclane was heavily abusing alcohol and cocaine. His addiction turned him from someone who strives to make others laugh and happy to an uncaring and cold person. Mclane’s mother began to notice his extreme change in behavior when they went out to dinner one night.

“She noticed I wouldn’t look at her then she just said I don’t care what you’re using but you are going to get help.”

-McLane, a teen in our cocaine addiction program.

After his parents found Inspirations Mclane flew out to begin his recovery journey. He remembers on his way down feeling that if things have really come this far he must really have a problem. With that in mind he decided he was going to give treatment his all.

“I just thought I’m gonna make the best of it!” says Mclane.

Since his admission Mclane has made great strides in his recovery! He is a leader among our teens and is someone they often seek for advice or when they need cheering up. Our staff have been blown away way by his transformation. His first week was a bit hard but as he progressed he became one of our most supportive teens to date! Even Mclane has taken note of the change within himself!

“I realized here when I make other people happy it makes me happy.”

-Mclane, on how treatment has left him feeling.

As a teen who struggles with depression and alcoholism in his family Mclane has worked hard to turn his actions and thoughts around. He came angry and  left a brave and strong young man. Mclane swears by his treatment and that his parents decision to send him here was the best one they ever made. “I feel way happier. I am happy again” says Mclane.

Thoughts after teen addiction treatment

We asked Mclane about what he has learned while in treatment. He learned that depression runs through his family but also that is not an excuse to abuse drugs. Mclane now understands that using will always be a temporary fix to long term problem. While at Inspirations we have equipped him with more than enough tools to be able to successfully cope with his ongoing issues.

“You’re depressed so you drink or snort coke but you wake up feeling 10 times worse than you did before.”

-Mclane about what he has learned while in treatment

Everyone is truly proud of Mclane and his wonderful recovery. His presence will be sorely missed however, we wish him the best in his new life of sobriety. Listen to Mclane’s story here:

Teen shares how cocaine addiction treatment made him happy again
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